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2015-08-27 11:07

Shirt Fabric Weave

The weave means the threads of cotton (referred to warp and weft) are actually put together to make a fabric. Different fabric designs are made in different thread and weave machine. There are lots of weaves in our selection. Here are some major patterns:


Poplin, also called broadcloth, plain weave.
The threads cross over and then under each other alternately.
Durable and smooth fabric with silky hand feel.
When ironed, poplins look very crisp 


It also creat  patterns like herringbone or diagonal rib.
Twills are durable fabrics that have a thicker and softer hand feel than poplins.
It may wrinkle easily in some kind.


The traditional oxford is a kind of basket weave.
The threads are usually including single color crossed with white yarns, making fabrics more unique.
Oxford is a versatile fabric which can either casually or professionally according to its thread count and finishing method.
A good choice for fall and winter season.


The dobby weave is also mentioned as "fancy" weave because dobby weaves generally have unique geometric patterns in the fabric.
The fabrics using a special loom that lowers and raises the warp yarns separately, leading the weaver to create the dobby weave's into various designs and patterns.
So it can used in different situation, as well as for informal case.
Dobby fabrics can come into various designs, colors, weights and hand-feeling.


End-on-end fabrics are essentially identical to poplins but with one colored and one white (or other color) thread.
The fabric has a heathered visual effect, it looks like a solid color from a distance.
End-on-ends are sometimes referred to as fil-a-fil, "thread-to-thread" or Chambray.
Can be used in formal case but often found in casual wearing.