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Harris tweed

Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world protected by an Act of Parliament. This states that it must be made 'with 100% pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and finished in the Outer Hebrides and woven by hand by the Islanders in their homes on the Islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra'

Abraham moon

Abraham moon's fine history is just one of many features that come together to make Abraham Moon products extra special, and is something we're rightfully proud of. From supplying the fabric for a growing Leeds market throughout the 1800's to supplying the major fashion houses of modern times, this rich tapestry all comes together to create quite a story over the past 175 years.


Trabaldo Togna for over 170 years is synonymous of excellence in the production of superfine wool fabrics all made in Italy. estrato represents the latest fabric generation,combining all the features of drapers and woolen tradtion of Biella


Over 50 years’ development, Filarte has become a modern company of international brand, incorporating design, production and marketing together and has become an important supplier for world-famous garment brands, such as PRADA, HUGO BOSS, ZEGNA,etc.